We teach various edible horticulture courses and workshops across the South of England and can come to your venue or workplace to deliver training.

Our half and one-day courses are mainly targeted at adults, covering everything edible from fruits to compost to permaculture and forest gardens.

We offer a certified course (certified by Laser Learning Awards) –         Practical Food Growing and Sustainability

available as one course or in modules:

  • practical edible horticulture
  • urban and small scale food production
  • designing for self-sufficiency
  • social permaculture & personal resilience
  • eco building theory

These modules are available nationally by request and are flexible in delivery, generally composing 20-30 teaching hours with optional additional practical sessions.

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Each course is an Award in its own right at Levels 1, 2, 3, building to a Certificate for the three growing topics.

Register your interest in future dates of our accredited courses by emailing:


Permaculture Design Course

We offer the full Permaculture Design Course, a practical course with indoor and outdoor learning, including visits to various local projects such as eco buildings, rooftop gardens, organic gardens, community orchards and growing projects.

This PDC is designed to give you the knowledge to design your growing space, grow your own food, store it over the seasons and even create a small income from growing.

The course is weighted towards the specialism of Forest Gardening, a system which demonstrates efficiency in growing, with high production yields.

If you want to bring sustainability and food growing into your life, this is the course for you.

Topics covered include:

• Ethics and principles of Permaculture
• Design process and methodology
• Soil management and conservation
• Urban challenges and urban Permaculture
• Woodland and Agroforestry
• Real wealth, money and sustainable exchange
• Buildings, Energy conservation and renewable energy
• Personal health, nutrition and resilience
• Creating income from food production
• Food preservation
• Herbal medicines
• Practical gardening skills

This course is certificated by the Permaculture Association UK and by LASER learning awards at Levels 1, 2 and 3 (GCSE – A-level equivalent)
A maximum of two days can be missed and still allow you to receive your certificate.